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Bloodstains Festival 2018 in Leeds

Bloodstains Festival 2018
Temple Of Boom, Leeds
Friday 3rd August 2018, £15.42

Bloodstains Hardcore Festival is back for another year in Leeds.Day tickets now available below.The Friday night has a killer lineup of:Toxic Reasons (US)Toxic Reasons from Dayton, Ohio started way back in 1979. They recorded their first studio album, Independence in 1982, then went on tour and moved to San Fransisco, where their label, Risky Records, was located. Their most recognisable logo shows the U.S., Canadian, and British flags joined together. This symbol not only represents their tri-national roots but also came to symbolises the diversity of their sound, which mixes fast hardcore punk with melodic guitar lines and elements of punk-reggae.Raw Power (ITA)Raw Power was formed in 1981 in Italy, by brothers Mauro and Giuseppe Codeluppi. Through the years the band has lived through several line-up changes and the two brothers were the only stable members until Giuseppe's death in 2002. The band's name came from The Stooges’ third album. Raw Power’s debut album, You Are The Victim, was released in 1983 on Meccano Records. The following year while touring the US the band signed to Toxic Shock Records for their second album Screams From The Gutter, which sold more than 40,000 copies strictly through independent distribution and shops. During their tours in the U.S.A. Raw Power shared the stage with the Circle Jerks, Adolescents, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, and Suicidal Tendencies, among many others and in 1986 in a small club in Seattle a little band called Guns N’ Roses opened up for Raw Power! It’s now 32 years later and with almost a record released every year, Raw Power are still living up to their name with no sign of ever giving up!The Stupids (UK)The Stupids, from Ipswich, England, formed in 1984 and played some blazingly fast US-influenced hardcore punk/thrash in a time and place that was mostly filled with crusty metal punk & anarcho-punk. Where other such bands had mainly poignant and political lyrics, the Stupids wrote comical, less serious lyrics on subjects as diverse as the elephant man, love (jokingly of course), hating everyone, hating new wave, skateboarding, and more. The bands "core" lineup of Tommy Stupid on drums and vocals, and Marty Tuff on guitar, who put out the Violent Nun EP and the Peruvian Vacation LP in 1985 are still performing today. They released two more LP’s and a couple of EP’s before breaking up at the end of the 80’s. In 2008 The Stupids reformed for what was supposed to be a one off live show in London. Realising the chemistry they still had as a live band, they decided to continue and have been blowing away their audiences ever since.Voorhees (UK)Voorhees was formed in 1990 by Ian Leck and Sean Readman as the driving force and principal songwriters, and both still play in the band today. The band's debut LP, "Spilling Blood Without Reason" described by Kerrang! magazine as a 'blistering" cross between Discharge and Extreme Noise Terror, was released in 1994 on Armed With Anger Records in time for the band's first European tour. Voorhees made it to the US for the first time in April 1996 for a co-headline tour with Hatebreed. After a few line up changes Voorhees released a further 3 albums and a few EP’s before calling it quits in 2001. After a few one-off reunions between 2004 and 2014, the band have been recently got back together permanently and are stronger than ever live.Diaz Brothers (UK) Led By The Throat (UK)

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