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Hurry (usa) in Leeds

Hurry (usa)
Royal Park, Leeds
Thursday 21st March 2024

Hurry (Philadelphia USA)

Hurry were formed in Philadelphia PA by Matt Scottoline. Matt Scottoline has grafted the best qualities of ‘90s bubblegum power pop—the pitch-perfect songwriting, the pop-rock sheen, the borderline saccharine vocal melodies—onto something far more raw and emotionally resonant! Not to be missed

U.S. Highball: (Glasgow UK)
No Thievery, Just Cool - released in Spring 2023 on Lame-O Records - is the fourth album in as many years from Glaswegian jangle-pop outfit U.S. Highball, comprised of lifelong friends Calvin Halliday and James Hindle.


Real Farmer (Groningen NL)
Are signed to Pete Doherty's label Strap Originals and their first LP it will be available worldwide on Friday March 8th.
These catchy indie punks whose speak about walking the straightest line, which means to lead a clean life: to work out, eat healthy, stay away from drugs and alcohol. Often this way of living is seen as the one size fits all solution to any type of mental struggle, yet its rigidity can actually become a very debilitating and alienating thing. It’s this realisation and the nothingness that exists between these ways of life that this song tries to encapsulate.”


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