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Hyde Park Book Club

27-29 Headingley Lane, Leeds LS6 1BL

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Find out what's on at Hyde Park Book Club below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title  
2022-07-02Saturday 2nd July Bunkerpop
2022-07-07Thursday 7th July The Black Lagoons Tickets
2022-07-09Saturday 9th July Kath And The Kicks
2022-07-13Wednesday 13th July Kelley Stoltz Tickets
2022-07-22Friday 22nd July Keiff Tickets
2022-07-24Sunday 24th July Solana Tickets
2022-07-29Friday 29th July Scum Tickets
2022-08-05Friday 5th August Salt & Shake Tickets
2022-08-20Saturday 20th August Monkey Business Tickets
2022-08-30Tuesday 30th August Oceanator Tickets
2022-08-31Wednesday 31st August The Howlers Tickets
2022-09-01Thursday 1st September Mini Trees Tickets
2022-09-13Tuesday 13th September Rj Thompson Tickets
2022-09-15Thursday 15th September Helicon Tickets
2022-09-17Saturday 17th September Charles Watson Tickets
2022-09-23Friday 23rd September Corella Tickets
2022-09-24Saturday 24th September Man & The Echo Tickets
2022-09-25Sunday 25th September Katie Spencer Tickets
2022-09-27Tuesday 27th September Wyldest Tickets
2022-09-28Wednesday 28th September Blue Lab Beats Sold Out
2022-09-28 Rj Thompson Sold Out
2022-10-06Thursday 6th October Remember Sports Tickets
2022-10-18Tuesday 18th October Melts Tickets
2022-10-25Tuesday 25th October Peaness Tickets
2022-11-06Sunday 6th November Tamzene Tickets
2022-11-09Wednesday 9th November Jill Andrews Tickets
2022-11-11Friday 11th November Modernlove Tickets
2022-11-28Monday 28th November Blue Lab Beats Sold Out
2022-12-02Friday 2nd December Abbie Ozard Tickets
2022-12-10Saturday 10th December Nick Harper Tickets

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