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Hyde Park Book Club

27-29 Headingley Lane, Leeds LS6 1BL

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Date Event Title  
2019-05-20Monday 20th May Georgia Tickets
2019-05-22Wednesday 22nd May Madison Violet / Emily Lockett Tickets
2019-05-22 Gabz
2019-05-23Thursday 23rd May Lou Sanders: Shame Pig
2019-05-24Friday 24th May Victors Tickets
2019-05-25Saturday 25th May Fudge. Tickets
2019-05-25 Fudge. / Wuzi / Mega Happy Tickets
2019-05-26Sunday 26th May Pulp Fiction: A Food Experience (leeds Indie Food)
2019-05-28Tuesday 28th May Vipertime Tickets
2019-05-30Thursday 30th May Dj Lubi/soul Rebels Present Project Hilts//sogorock//niknak
2019-05-31Friday 31st May Sifaka Sessions #003 Tickets
2019-06-01Saturday 1st June Inner City Electronic
2019-06-02Sunday 2nd June John Luke Roberts - All I Wanna Do Is...
2019-06-03Monday 3rd June Sgt Lindenbaum
2019-06-03 Sgt Lindenbaum (live), Mondo Bizarre (live) Tickets
2019-06-05Wednesday 5th June Salèmango 2019
2019-06-07Friday 7th June Crumbs Tickets
2019-06-11Tuesday 11th June Lukas Creswell-rost Tickets
2019-06-19Wednesday 19th June Constant Mongrel Tickets
2019-06-20Thursday 20th June Peakes & Tallsaint Tickets
2019-06-20 Peakes Tickets
2019-06-21Friday 21st June Brooder
2019-06-27Thursday 27th June Kaput : Beige Place : Humint Tickets
2019-06-28Friday 28th June Starcrawler Tickets
2019-07-01Monday 1st July The Stroppies Tickets
2019-07-01 Gaygirl Tickets
2019-07-13Saturday 13th July The Stroppies Tickets
2019-07-16Tuesday 16th July Boogarins Tickets
2019-09-03Tuesday 3rd September Molly Sarle Tickets
2019-09-04Wednesday 4th September Gia Margaret Tickets
2019-09-13Friday 13th September Arcades Tickets
2019-09-23Monday 23rd September Spiral Stairs Tickets
2019-09-27Friday 27th September Serious Sam Barrett Tickets
2019-09-28Saturday 28th September Plastic Mermaids Tickets
2019-10-01Tuesday 1st October Apre Tickets
2019-10-03Thursday 3rd October Fangclub Tickets
2019-10-12Saturday 12th October Husky Loops Tickets
2019-10-13Sunday 13th October Peggy Sue Tickets
2019-10-15Tuesday 15th October Pom Poko Tickets
2019-10-17Thursday 17th October The Blue Stones Tickets
2019-10-18Friday 18th October Francis Lung Tickets
2019-11-15Friday 15th November Johnny Lloyd Tickets
2019-11-28Thursday 28th November Penelope Isles Tickets
2019-11-28 Plastic Mermaids Tickets
2019-12-10Tuesday 10th December Pan Jumby
2020-12-14Monday 14th December Mona 18 Sold Out

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