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Belgrave Music Hall

1A Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds LS2 8JP

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Find out what's on at Belgrave Music Hall below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title  
2023-12-01Friday 1st December Tinyumbrellas Tickets
2023-12-02Saturday 2nd December The Utopiates Tickets
2023-12-07Thursday 7th December Caro Tickets
2023-12-08Friday 8th December The Renegade Live Ft Ray Keith Tickets
2023-12-19Tuesday 19th December Live Killers UK
2024-02-02Friday 2nd February The Clockworks Tickets
2024-02-03Saturday 3rd February Del Water Gap Tickets
2024-02-06Tuesday 6th February Drab Majesty Tickets
2024-02-09Friday 9th February Bloxx Tickets
2024-02-17Saturday 17th February Rifffest#5 Tickets
2024-02-17 Riffest # 5 Featuring Calva Louise, Cody Frost ... Tickets
2024-02-21Wednesday 21st February Oliver Pinder - The Last Pick For The Team Tour Tickets
2024-02-21 Oliver Pinder Tickets
2024-02-24Saturday 24th February Newdad Tickets
2024-03-01Friday 1st March Sambroso Allstars Pres: The Buena Vista Tickets
2024-03-01 The Buena Vista Tickets
2024-03-05Tuesday 5th March Hania Rani Tickets
2024-03-15Friday 15th March Folly Group Tickets
2024-03-19Tuesday 19th March Louis Culture Tickets
2024-03-19 Mike Tickets
2024-03-22Friday 22nd March Clark Tickets
2024-04-16Tuesday 16th April Louis Culture Tickets
2024-04-18Thursday 18th April Romare (live) Tickets
2024-04-18 Romare Tickets
2024-04-20Saturday 20th April Cosmo Sheldrake Tickets

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