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Brudenell Social Club

33 Queen's Road, Leeds LS6 1NY

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Find out what's on at Brudenell Social Club below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title  
2023-11-30Thursday 30th November Seth Lakeman Tickets
2023-11-30 Zak Abel Tickets
2023-12-01Friday 1st December Cud Tickets
2023-12-01 Fred Armisen Tickets
2023-12-02Saturday 2nd December Moin Tickets
2023-12-02 Apollo Junction Sold Out
2023-12-03Sunday 3rd December The Furrow Collective Tickets
2023-12-03 Crywank Tickets
2023-12-05Tuesday 5th December Ancient Infinity Orchestra Tickets
2023-12-06Wednesday 6th December Rianne Downey Tickets
2023-12-06 Opus Kink Tickets
2023-12-06 The Altered Hourse Tickets
2023-12-07Thursday 7th December Harry Moon & The Cardboard Rocket Tickets
2023-12-07 Ten Tonnes Tickets
2023-12-08Friday 8th December Militarie Gun Tickets
2023-12-08 The Blockheads Tickets
2023-12-09Saturday 9th December Cvc Tickets
2023-12-09 Blonde Redhead Tickets
2023-12-10Sunday 10th December Simeon Walker Live: In The Round Tickets
2023-12-10 Simeon Walker Tickets
2023-12-11Monday 11th December Foy Vance Sold Out
2023-12-11 Holy Wave Tickets
2023-12-12Tuesday 12th December The Magic Numbers Tickets
2023-12-13Wednesday 13th December Ruts Dc Tickets
2023-12-14Thursday 14th December Weetwood Mac Tickets
2023-12-15Friday 15th December Ubunye Tickets
2023-12-15 Weetwood Mac Sold Out
2023-12-16Saturday 16th December Weetwood Mac Sold Out
2023-12-16 Punk Christmas Sold Out
2023-12-16 Leeds Punk Rock Xmas 10 Tickets
2023-12-17Sunday 17th December Great Lake Swimmers Tickets
2023-12-17 Modern Nature Tickets
2023-12-20Wednesday 20th December "a Festive Chill Party" Tickets
2023-12-21Thursday 21st December Bad Manners Tickets
2023-12-22Friday 22nd December Weetwood Mac Tickets
2023-12-22 Endorphinmachine Tickets
2023-12-23Saturday 23rd December Mik Artistik Tickets
2023-12-27Wednesday 27th December Slade Uk Tickets
2023-12-30Saturday 30th December The Boss & The Beeston Street Band Tickets
2024-01-06Saturday 6th January The Vaselines Tickets
2024-01-12Friday 12th January Live/wire Tickets
2024-01-13Saturday 13th January Tasha Leaper As Madonna Tickets
2024-01-13 Live/wire Tickets
2024-01-19Friday 19th January John Francis Flynn Tickets
2024-01-20Saturday 20th January The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience Tickets
2024-01-20 Nearly Dan Tickets
2024-01-21Sunday 21st January Dakhabrakha Tickets
2024-01-24Wednesday 24th January Foxing Tickets
2024-01-24 Michael & Michelle Tickets
2024-01-25Thursday 25th January The Olllam Tickets
2024-01-25 Haiku Hands Tickets
2024-01-26Friday 26th January Tom Clarke (the Enemy) Tickets
2024-01-26 Tom Clarke Tickets
2024-01-26 To Kill A King Tickets
2024-01-27Saturday 27th January Band Of Friends Tickets
2024-01-28Sunday 28th January Spock's Beard Tickets
2024-01-29Monday 29th January Allison Russell Tickets
2024-01-29 Allison Russell - The Returner Tour Tickets
2024-01-31Wednesday 31st January Margaret Glaspy Tickets
2024-02-02Friday 2nd February Brooke Combe Tickets
2024-02-02 Dan Terminus Tickets
2024-02-03Saturday 3rd February Heritage () Tickets
2024-02-10Saturday 10th February Venus Grrrls Tickets
2024-02-10 Ladyhawke Sold Out
2024-02-12Monday 12th February Courting Tickets
2024-02-16Friday 16th February Los Campesinos! Sold Out
2024-02-16 John Tickets
2024-02-17Saturday 17th February Beach Fossils Tickets
2024-02-18Sunday 18th February Jordan Mackampa Tickets
2024-02-20Tuesday 20th February L'rain Tickets
2024-02-22Thursday 22nd February Bar Stool Preachers Tickets
2024-02-22 Mcgoldrick, Mccusker & Doyle Tickets
2024-02-23Friday 23rd February Popes Of Chillitown Tickets
2024-02-23 Bar Stool Preachers Tickets
2024-02-23 Dub Pistols Tickets
2024-02-24Saturday 24th February A Fistful Of Ska 5: Dirty Ska Tickets
2024-02-24 Bar Stool Preachers Tickets
2024-02-24 Chantel Mcgregor Tickets
2024-02-25Sunday 25th February Adam Sweet Tickets
2024-02-25 Leeds Blues Festival 2024 Tickets
2024-02-27Tuesday 27th February Slift Tickets
2024-02-29Thursday 29th February Steve Ignorant Tickets
2024-03-01Friday 1st March Beans On Toast Tickets
2024-03-01 Ultramagnetic Mc's Tickets
2024-03-02Saturday 2nd March The Bees Tickets
2024-03-02 Dressed To Kill (kiss Tribute) Tickets
2024-03-02 Dressed To Kill Tickets
2024-03-03Sunday 3rd March Lime Garden Tickets
2024-03-07Thursday 7th March Enslaved Tickets
2024-03-07 Grace Petrie Tickets
2024-03-07 Bill Callahan Sold Out
2024-03-07 Starsailor Tickets
2024-03-08Friday 8th March Donny Benet Tickets
2024-03-09Saturday 9th March Pete Wylie & The Mighty Wah! Tickets
2024-03-12Tuesday 12th March Say She She Tickets
2024-03-13Wednesday 13th March Bill Ryder-jones Tickets
2024-03-14Thursday 14th March Anti Nowhere League Tickets
2024-03-16Saturday 16th March Dead Poet Society Tickets
2024-03-19Tuesday 19th March Mutual Benefit Tickets
2024-03-20Wednesday 20th March Ozric Tentacles Tickets
2024-03-22Friday 22nd March Ben Ottewell And Ian Ball Tickets
2024-03-22 Overpass Tickets
2024-03-23Saturday 23rd March S. Carey Tickets
2024-03-23 999 Tickets
2024-03-27Wednesday 27th March Hot Water Music Tickets
2024-03-28Thursday 28th March Cheekface Tickets
2024-03-28 Cende Tickets
2024-03-28 Hot Water Music Tickets
2024-03-29Friday 29th March Van Houten Tickets
2024-03-29 The Style Councillors Tickets
2024-03-30Saturday 30th March Showhawk Duo Tickets
2024-04-01Monday 1st April The Meteors Tickets
2024-04-03Wednesday 3rd April The Wandering Hearts Tickets
2024-04-04Thursday 4th April Pissed Jeans Tickets
2024-04-04 Benjamin Francis Leftwich Tickets
2024-04-06Saturday 6th April Rhythm Of The 90s Tickets
2024-04-07Sunday 7th April Strangeforms 2024 Tickets
2024-04-08Monday 8th April Starsailor Tickets
2024-04-11Thursday 11th April Seb Lowe Tickets
2024-04-14Sunday 14th April Sprints Sold Out
2024-04-16Tuesday 16th April Omni Tickets
2024-04-18Thursday 18th April Jane Weaver Tickets
2024-04-18 The Lilacs Tickets
2024-04-19Friday 19th April A Certain Ratio Tickets
2024-04-19 The Kites Tickets
2024-04-19 Pink By Vicky Jackson Tickets
2024-04-20Saturday 20th April Darkside Of The 80's Tickets
2024-04-20 Sanctum Sanctorium Tickets
2024-04-23Tuesday 23rd April Timber Timbre Tickets
2024-04-25Thursday 25th April Kira Mac Tickets
2024-04-26Friday 26th April Halina Rice Sold Out
2024-05-03Friday 3rd May Moving Pictures (rush Tribute) Tickets
2024-05-03 Hillbilly Moon Explosion Tickets
2024-05-04Saturday 4th May When Rivers Meet Tickets
2024-05-05Sunday 5th May Cardiacs - Celebrate The Music Of Tim Smith Tickets
2024-05-05 Fm Tickets
2024-05-05 Cardiacs Family Tickets
2024-05-09Thursday 9th May Willy Mason Tickets
2024-05-14Tuesday 14th May Hurray For The Riff Raff Tickets
2024-05-16Thursday 16th May The Staves Tickets
2024-05-18Saturday 18th May Letz Zep Tickets
2024-05-19Sunday 19th May Green Lung Tickets
2024-05-22Wednesday 22nd May Hayseed Dixie Tickets
2024-05-24Friday 24th May Blancmange Tickets
2024-05-24 Blancmange - The Best Of Blancmange 2024 Tickets
2024-05-26Sunday 26th May Lovely Eggs Tickets
2024-06-08Saturday 8th June Ultimate Bowie Tickets
2024-06-09Sunday 9th June Chastity Belt Tickets
2024-06-14Friday 14th June T.rextasy Tickets
2024-06-15Saturday 15th June Rain Parade Tickets
2024-06-20Thursday 20th June The Reds, Pinks & Purples Tickets
2024-07-05Friday 5th July The Detroit Cobras Tickets
2024-07-29Monday 29th July Love With Johnny Echols Tickets
2024-08-16Friday 16th August The Bon Jovi Experience Tickets
2024-08-17Saturday 17th August Focus Tickets
2024-09-07Saturday 7th September T. Rextasy Tickets
2024-09-13Friday 13th September Goldie Lookin' Chain Tickets
2024-09-20Friday 20th September Bootleg Blondie Tickets
2024-11-15Friday 15th November Darts Tickets
2029-02-23Friday 23rd February Steve Ignorant Full Band Performing Crass Tickets

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