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Brudenell Social Club

33 Queen's Road, Leeds LS6 1NY

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Date Event Title  
2020-01-27Monday 27th January The Felice Brothers Sold Out
2020-01-28Tuesday 28th January Isobel Campbell Tickets
2020-01-29Wednesday 29th January Giant Drag Tickets
2020-01-29 Della Mae Tickets
2020-01-31Friday 31st January Wire Sold Out
2020-02-01Saturday 1st February Chunk Fundraiser (the 5th) Tickets
2020-02-01 The Dears Sold Out
2020-02-01 Shovels And Rope Tickets
2020-02-02Sunday 2nd February Andy's Man Club 2nd Anniversary Celebration Tickets
2020-02-04Tuesday 4th February Dan Deacon Tickets
2020-02-06Thursday 6th February Kele Tickets
2020-02-07Friday 7th February Psychobilly Weekender Tickets
2020-02-07 Live/wire Tickets
2020-02-07 Beans On Toast Tickets
2020-02-08Saturday 8th February Psychobilly Weekender Tickets
2020-02-08 Asgeir Tickets
2020-02-09Sunday 9th February Cleopatrick Tickets
2020-02-10Monday 10th February Algiers Tickets
2020-02-10 (sandy) Alex G Tickets
2020-02-11Tuesday 11th February Transmission Tickets
2020-02-12Wednesday 12th February Lisa O'neill Tickets
2020-02-12 Hundredth Tickets
2020-02-13Thursday 13th February Kirk Brandon Akoustik Tickets
2020-02-14Friday 14th February Gengahr Tickets
2020-02-14 Evil Scarecrow Tickets
2020-02-15Saturday 15th February Mother Earth Tickets
2020-02-15 Shaku Tickets
2020-02-18Tuesday 18th February Joe Gideon Tickets
2020-02-18 Joe Gideon Tickets
2020-02-18 Laurence Fox Tickets
2020-02-19Wednesday 19th February Dubioza Kolektiv Tickets
2020-02-19 Black Midi Tickets
2020-02-20Thursday 20th February Vex Red Tickets
2020-02-21Friday 21st February Hyde Park Brass Tickets
2020-02-21 Fleetwood Bac Tickets
2020-02-22Saturday 22nd February The Pete Wylie Show Tickets
2020-02-22 Field Music Tickets
2020-02-27Thursday 27th February Hands Off Gretel Tickets
2020-02-27 Love Fame Tragedy Tickets
2020-02-28Friday 28th February Julian Cope Tickets
2020-02-28 Mikal Cronin Tickets
2020-02-29Saturday 29th February Samantha Fish Tickets
2020-02-29 Popes Of Chillitown Tickets
2020-03-01Sunday 1st March The Wants Tickets
2020-03-05Thursday 5th March X-ray Cat Trio Tickets
2020-03-06Friday 6th March China Crisis Tickets
2020-03-06 Man Machine Tickets
2020-03-06 Alfa Mist Tickets
2020-03-07Saturday 7th March Jadu Heart Tickets
2020-03-07 Mush Tickets
2020-03-07 Mush - ( Show) Tickets
2020-03-09Monday 9th March Georgia Tickets
2020-03-11Wednesday 11th March Hayseed Dixie Tickets
2020-03-13Friday 13th March Trials Of Cato Tickets
2020-03-13 Plaid Tickets
2020-03-13 Lets Zep Tickets
2020-03-14Saturday 14th March Employed To Serve Tickets
2020-03-15Sunday 15th March Anamanaguchi Tickets
2020-03-16Monday 16th March Hak Baker Tickets
2020-03-19Thursday 19th March Litany Tickets
2020-03-20Friday 20th March Coco Rosie Tickets
2020-03-20 Andy Shauf Tickets
2020-03-21Saturday 21st March The Rifles Tickets
2020-03-21 Slade Uk Tickets
2020-03-22Sunday 22nd March All We Are Tickets
2020-03-24Tuesday 24th March Jay Som Tickets
2020-03-25Wednesday 25th March Lebanon Hanover Tickets
2020-03-26Thursday 26th March Douglas Dare Tickets
2020-03-26 Darcy Oake Tickets
2020-03-27Friday 27th March Brass Against Tickets
2020-03-27 Black Josh Tickets
2020-03-27 Dub Pistols Tickets
2020-03-28Saturday 28th March Andy Fairweather Low Tickets
2020-03-28 K.o.g. & The Zongo Brigade Tickets
2020-03-31Tuesday 31st March Lee Scratch Perry Tickets
2020-03-31 Muncie Girls Tickets
2020-04-01Wednesday 1st April Nightmares On Wax Sold Out
2020-04-02Thursday 2nd April Lanterns On The Lake Tickets
2020-04-03Friday 3rd April Steve Ignorant Tickets
2020-04-03 Lou Sanders Sold Out
2020-04-04Saturday 4th April Pictish Trail Tickets
2020-04-04 Keep It Cash Tickets
2020-04-08Wednesday 8th April Dirty Laces Tickets
2020-04-10Friday 10th April The Lovely Eggs Sold Out
2020-04-11Saturday 11th April Tom Clarke Tickets
2020-04-11 Tom Clarke Sold Out
2020-04-12Sunday 12th April The Meteors Tickets
2020-04-12 The Rezillos Tickets
2020-04-15Wednesday 15th April Nadia Reid Tickets
2020-04-15 Dean Wareham Tickets
2020-04-17Friday 17th April Pearl Jamm Tickets
2020-04-17 Baxter Dury Tickets
2020-04-18Saturday 18th April Strange Forms Festival - Saturday Only Ticket Tickets
2020-04-18 Strangeforms 2020 Tickets
2020-04-19Sunday 19th April Strange Forms Festival - Sunday Only Ticket Tickets
2020-04-19 The Dears Tickets
2020-04-20Monday 20th April The Lovely Eggs Sold Out
2020-04-21Tuesday 21st April Sarah Klang Tickets
2020-04-22Wednesday 22nd April Brutus Tickets
2020-04-22 Red City Radio Tickets
2020-04-23Thursday 23rd April Larkins Tickets
2020-04-24Friday 24th April La Dispute Tickets
2020-04-24 Uk Subs Tickets
2020-04-24 Amp Fiddler Tickets
2020-04-24 The Academic Tickets
2020-04-25Saturday 25th April Amp Fiddler Tickets
2020-04-28Tuesday 28th April Melt Yourself Down Tickets
2020-04-29Wednesday 29th April Redd Kross Tickets
2020-04-29 The Districts Tickets
2020-04-30Thursday 30th April Onipa Tickets
2020-04-30 Oh My Go It's The Church! Tickets
2020-05-03Sunday 3rd May Chantel Mcgregor Tickets
2020-05-07Thursday 7th May Destroyer Tickets
2020-05-07 The Outcasts Tickets
2020-05-08Friday 8th May Bambara Tickets
2020-05-08 Graceland Tickets
2020-05-09Saturday 9th May Sunburst Deluxe Tickets
2020-05-10Sunday 10th May Leeds Blues, Rhythm And Rock Festival Tickets
2020-05-12Tuesday 12th May Anna Burch Tickets
2020-05-13Wednesday 13th May Squarepusher Tickets
2020-05-14Thursday 14th May Mark Lanegan Band Tickets
2020-05-19Tuesday 19th May The Wendy James Band Tickets
2020-05-20Wednesday 20th May The Stroppies Tickets
2020-05-21Thursday 21st May Tom Robinson & Band Tickets
2020-05-22Friday 22nd May The Haggis Horns Tickets
2020-05-23Saturday 23rd May Rhythm Of The 90's Tickets
2020-05-23 Darts Tickets
2020-05-24Sunday 24th May Joan Shelley Tickets
2020-05-27Wednesday 27th May Chuck Prophet Tickets
2020-05-27 Chuck Prophet And The Mission Express Tickets
2020-05-28Thursday 28th May Skipinnish Tickets
2020-05-30Saturday 30th May Smoove & Turrell Stratos Bleu Tour Tickets
2020-05-30 Smoove & Turrell Tickets
2020-05-30 Eric Gales Tickets
2020-05-31Sunday 31st May Vistas Tickets
2020-06-03Wednesday 3rd June Born Ruffians Tickets
2020-06-04Thursday 4th June Om Tickets
2020-06-07Sunday 7th June Frazey Ford Tickets
2020-06-11Thursday 11th June Real Estate Tickets
2020-06-12Friday 12th June Ultimate Bowie Tickets
2020-06-16Tuesday 16th June The Secret Sisters Tickets
2020-07-10Friday 10th July Ajj Tickets
2020-08-03Monday 3rd August The Generators Tickets
2020-08-06Thursday 6th August Alice Bag Band Tickets
2020-08-30Sunday 30th August Bar Stool Preachers Tickets
2020-09-05Saturday 5th September Elvana Unplugged Tickets
2020-09-11Friday 11th September Toyah Tickets
2020-09-24Thursday 24th September The Smyths Tickets
2020-09-25Friday 25th September The Smyths Tickets
2020-09-26Saturday 26th September The Smyths Tickets
2020-09-29Tuesday 29th September Redd Kross Sold Out
2020-09-30Wednesday 30th September Bar Stool Preachers Tickets
2020-10-01Thursday 1st October The Vapors 'new Clear Days' Tickets
2020-10-01 The Vapors Tickets
2020-10-09Friday 9th October Stone Foundation Tickets
2020-10-10Saturday 10th October The Style Councillors Tickets
2020-10-28Wednesday 28th October Whyte Horses Tickets
2020-11-14Saturday 14th November Skids Tickets
2020-12-11Friday 11th December Chuck Ragan Tickets

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