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Brudenell Social Club

33 Queen's Road, Leeds LS6 1NY

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Date Event Title  
2021-12-05Sunday 5th December Jon Gomm Tickets
2021-12-05 Brudenell Piano Sessions
2021-12-06Monday 6th December Kyle Falconer Tickets
2021-12-07Tuesday 7th December Secret Night Gang Tickets
2021-12-10Friday 10th December Modern Studies Tickets
2021-12-10 Theatre Of Hate Tickets
2021-12-11Saturday 11th December I Like Trains Tickets
2021-12-11 Eureka Machines Tickets
2021-12-12Sunday 12th December The Kunts Tickets
2021-12-13Monday 13th December Daxx & Roxane Tickets
2021-12-14Tuesday 14th December Puppy Tickets
2021-12-15Wednesday 15th December Wh Lung Tickets
2021-12-15 Los Campesinos! Tickets
2021-12-16Thursday 16th December Bossk Tickets
2021-12-16 Weetwood Mac Tickets
2021-12-17Friday 17th December Weetwood Mac Sold Out
2021-12-18Saturday 18th December EndorphinMachine Tickets
2021-12-18 Leeds Punk Rock Xmas 8 Tickets
2021-12-22Wednesday 22nd December Sounds Like A Storm Tickets
2021-12-23Thursday 23rd December Mik Artistik's Ego Trip Tickets
2021-12-26Sunday 26th December Professionals Sold Out
2021-12-28Tuesday 28th December The Boss And The Beeston Street Band Tickets
2021-12-29Wednesday 29th December Slade Uk Tickets
2022-01-14Friday 14th January Live/wire Tickets
2022-01-15Saturday 15th January Sun June Tickets
2022-01-15 Live/wire Tickets
2022-01-16Sunday 16th January Buck Meek Tickets
2022-01-19Wednesday 19th January The Twilight Sad Tickets
2022-01-21Friday 21st January Blood Red Shoes Tickets
2022-01-22Saturday 22nd January The Surfing Magazines Tickets
2022-01-23Sunday 23rd January Teddy Thompson Tickets
2022-01-23 Lucero Tickets
2022-01-24Monday 24th January Fickle Friends Tickets
2022-01-24 Spector Tickets
2022-01-26Wednesday 26th January Heartless Bastards Tickets
2022-01-27Thursday 27th January Mary Wallopers Tickets
2022-01-28Friday 28th January Onipa Tickets
2022-01-29Saturday 29th January Random Hand Tickets
2022-01-29 Nearly Dan Tickets
2022-01-30Sunday 30th January Dean Wareham Tickets
2022-02-01Tuesday 1st February The Districts Tickets
2022-02-01 James Bay Sold Out
2022-02-02Wednesday 2nd February Pearl Charles Tickets
2022-02-03Thursday 3rd February Mf Robots Tickets
2022-02-03 Secret Affair Tickets
2022-02-03 St. Paul & The Broken Bones Sold Out
2022-02-04Friday 4th February Dejà Vega Tickets
2022-02-05Saturday 5th February King Kurt Yorkshire Psychobilly All Dayer Tickets
2022-02-05 Chantel Mcgregor Tickets
2022-02-06Sunday 6th February Steve Gunn Tickets
2022-02-07Monday 7th February Strand Of Oaks Tickets
2022-02-07 Bob Mould Tickets
2022-02-08Tuesday 8th February Matt Maltese Tickets
2022-02-08 Tom Speight Tickets
2022-02-09Wednesday 9th February Penelope Isles Tickets
2022-02-10Thursday 10th February Josh Rouse Tickets
2022-02-10 Anti-nowhere League Tickets
2022-02-11Friday 11th February Kosheen Tickets
2022-02-11 Goodbye Mr Mackenzie Tickets
2022-02-12Saturday 12th February A Fistful Of Ska 3 Tickets
2022-02-12 Bedouine Tickets
2022-02-13Sunday 13th February Chad Vangaalen Tickets
2022-02-15Tuesday 15th February Ken Hoon Tickets
2022-02-16Wednesday 16th February Covet Tickets
2022-02-16 Author & Punisher Tickets
2022-02-17Thursday 17th February Ben Ottewell & Ian Ball Tickets
2022-02-17 Los Bitchos Tickets
2022-02-18Friday 18th February Jaga Jazzist Tickets
2022-02-18 Enslaved Tickets
2022-02-19Saturday 19th February Chameleons Tickets
2022-02-19 Limehouse Lizzy Tickets
2022-02-20Sunday 20th February Dry Cleaning Tickets
2022-02-20 Stone Tickets
2022-02-21Monday 21st February Nordic Giants Tickets
2022-02-21 Black Sabbitch Tickets
2022-02-22Tuesday 22nd February EXTC Tickets
2022-02-23Wednesday 23rd February Babybird Tickets
2022-02-23 Geese Tickets
2022-02-24Thursday 24th February Julianna Barwick Tickets
2022-02-24 Douglas Dare Tickets
2022-02-25Friday 25th February Beans On Toast Tickets
2022-02-25 Darts Tickets
2022-02-26Saturday 26th February Yard Act Sold Out
2022-02-26 Nada Surf Tickets
2022-02-27Sunday 27th February Feet Tickets
2022-02-27 Leeds Blues, Rhythm And Rock Festival Tickets
2022-03-01Tuesday 1st March Dana Gavanski Tickets
2022-03-02Wednesday 2nd March Paul Draper Tickets
2022-03-03Thursday 3rd March Mf Robots Tickets
2022-03-04Friday 4th March Colectiva Tickets
2022-03-04 Alfie Templeman Tickets
2022-03-05Saturday 5th March Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly Tickets
2022-03-05 Everly Pregnant Brothers Tickets
2022-03-06Sunday 6th March Lee Fields Tickets
2022-03-06 Keeley Forsyth Tickets
2022-03-07Monday 7th March Strand Of Oaks Tickets
2022-03-08Tuesday 8th March Villagers Tickets
2022-03-10Thursday 10th March The Skinner Brothers Tickets
2022-03-10 Orlando Weeks Tickets
2022-03-11Friday 11th March Levellers Tickets
2022-03-11 Mark Chadwick Tickets
2022-03-11 The Pogue Traders Tickets
2022-03-12Saturday 12th March K.o.g Tickets
2022-03-12 Torres Tickets
2022-03-13Sunday 13th March Imarhan Tickets
2022-03-13 Pokey Lafarge Tickets
2022-03-14Monday 14th March Spock's Beard Tickets
2022-03-14 Sarah Klang Tickets
2022-03-15Tuesday 15th March Tangerine Dream Tickets
2022-03-16Wednesday 16th March Melt Yourself Down Tickets
2022-03-16 Fink Tickets
2022-03-17Thursday 17th March Charlie Simpson Tickets
2022-03-17 Big Country Tickets
2022-03-18Friday 18th March The Aces Tickets
2022-03-18 Lucy Dacus Sold Out
2022-03-19Saturday 19th March Lucy Dacus Tickets
2022-03-20Sunday 20th March Robyn Hitchcock Tickets
2022-03-20 Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Tickets
2022-03-20 Ditz Tickets
2022-03-22Tuesday 22nd March The Weather Station Tickets
2022-03-22 Soft Machine Tickets
2022-03-23Wednesday 23rd March A Flock Of Seagulls Tickets
2022-03-24Thursday 24th March Steve Ignorant Tickets
2022-03-24 Spock's Beard Tickets
2022-03-24 Roddy Woomble Tickets
2022-03-25Friday 25th March The Mysterines Tickets
2022-03-25 Matthew E White Tickets
2022-03-26Saturday 26th March Soft Machine Tickets
2022-03-26 Bodega Tickets
2022-03-26 Curtis Harding Tickets
2022-03-27Sunday 27th March Crumb Tickets
2022-03-28Monday 28th March Admiral Fallow Tickets
2022-03-28 The Skids Tickets
2022-03-28 Warm Graves Tickets
2022-03-28 Japanese Breakfast Sold Out
2022-03-30Wednesday 30th March October Drift Tickets
2022-03-30 Leif Vollebekk Tickets
2022-03-31Thursday 31st March Sunflower Bean Tickets
2022-04-01Friday 1st April Crawlers Tickets
2022-04-01 Ian Prowse Tickets
2022-04-02Saturday 2nd April Noah Gundersen Tickets
2022-04-03Sunday 3rd April Eric Gales Tickets
2022-04-03 Pictish Trail Tickets
2022-04-07Thursday 7th April Metz Tickets
2022-04-07 Mamilah Tickets
2022-04-08Friday 8th April Dan Patlansky Tickets
2022-04-08 Mclusky Tickets
2022-04-09Saturday 9th April John Smith Tickets
2022-04-10Sunday 10th April Spacey Jane Tickets
2022-04-11Monday 11th April Big|brave Tickets
2022-04-11 Mdou Moctar Tickets
2022-04-12Tuesday 12th April Bambara Tickets
2022-04-14Thursday 14th April Tommy Guerrero Tickets
2022-04-14 The Outcasts Tickets
2022-04-16Saturday 16th April Pulled Apart By Horses Tickets
2022-04-17Sunday 17th April Protomartyr Tickets
2022-04-18Monday 18th April Squirrel Flower Tickets
2022-04-19Tuesday 19th April Nothing Tickets
2022-04-19 Wet Leg Tickets
2022-04-20Wednesday 20th April Joshua Radin Tickets
2022-04-21Thursday 21st April Lewis Watson Tickets
2022-04-21 Baby Queen Tickets
2022-04-22Friday 22nd April Uk Subs Tickets
2022-04-22 La Luz Tickets
2022-04-23Saturday 23rd April Strangeforms 2022 Tickets
2022-04-23 Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Tickets
2022-04-24Sunday 24th April Strangeforms 2022 Tickets
2022-04-26Tuesday 26th April Shonen Knife Tickets
2022-04-27Wednesday 27th April The Treatment Tickets
2022-04-27 Still Corners Tickets
2022-04-28Thursday 28th April Chuck Ragan Tickets
2022-04-28 Yob Tickets
2022-04-29Friday 29th April Kristin Hersh Electric Trio Tickets
2022-05-02Monday 2nd May Ye Vagabonds Sold Out
2022-05-03Tuesday 3rd May The Besnard Lakes Tickets
2022-05-03 Pillow Queens Tickets
2022-05-04Wednesday 4th May Zombi Tickets
2022-05-04 Fizzy Blood Tickets
2022-05-05Thursday 5th May When Rivers Meet Tickets
2022-05-05 Will Varley Tickets
2022-05-06Friday 6th May Stereo Mc's Tickets
2022-05-06 Whyte Horses Tickets
2022-05-08Sunday 8th May Foxing Tickets
2022-05-09Monday 9th May Mattiel Tickets
2022-05-11Wednesday 11th May Anamanaguchi Tickets
2022-05-11 Pinegroove Tickets
2022-05-12Thursday 12th May Oysterband Tickets
2022-05-13Friday 13th May Andy Shauf Tickets
2022-05-13 Kate Bush-ka Tickets
2022-05-17Tuesday 17th May Planet Tickets
2022-05-17 Charlie Parr Tickets
2022-05-19Thursday 19th May Cate Le Bon Tickets
2022-05-19 Oh My God It's The Church! Tickets
2022-05-19 Robert Jon & The Wreck Tickets
2022-05-21Saturday 21st May Letz Zep Tickets
2022-05-27Friday 27th May Fleetwood Bac Tickets
2022-05-28Saturday 28th May Dr. Feelgood Tickets
2022-05-30Monday 30th May Chuck Prophet And The Mission Express Tickets
2022-06-02Thursday 2nd June Om Tickets
2022-06-03Friday 3rd June Bootleg Blondie Tickets
2022-06-04Saturday 4th June Hang Massive Tickets
2022-06-04 The Boys Tickets
2022-06-05Sunday 5th June Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Tickets
2022-06-15Wednesday 15th June Pond Tickets
2022-06-17Friday 17th June Elvana Unplugged Tickets
2022-06-21Tuesday 21st June Shovel & Rope Tickets
2022-06-21 Brass Against Tickets
2022-06-22Wednesday 22nd June Suzanne Ciani Tickets
2022-06-23Thursday 23rd June High On Fire Tickets
2022-06-25Saturday 25th June The Bon Jovi Experience Tickets
2022-06-26Sunday 26th June Love Tickets
2022-06-28Tuesday 28th June The Felice Brothers Tickets
2022-06-30Thursday 30th June Black Uhuru Tickets
2022-09-01Thursday 1st September Anaïs Mitchell Tickets
2022-09-15Thursday 15th September Wildwood Kin Tickets
2022-09-19Monday 19th September Arkells Tickets
2022-09-22Thursday 22nd September The Smyths Tickets
2022-09-23Friday 23rd September The Smyths Tickets
2022-09-24Saturday 24th September The Smyths Tickets
2022-09-25Sunday 25th September Obscura Tickets
2022-09-29Thursday 29th September The Other Favorites Tickets
2022-10-02Sunday 2nd October All Them Witches Tickets
2022-10-20Thursday 20th October Skipinnish Tickets
2022-10-25Tuesday 25th October Cut Copy Tickets
2022-11-17Thursday 17th November The Heimatdamisch Tickets
2022-12-09Friday 9th December The Bohemians Tickets
2023-01-24Tuesday 24th January Grant Lee-phillips Tickets

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