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Brudenell Social Club

33 Queen's Road, Leeds LS6 1NY

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Find out what's on at Brudenell Social Club below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title  
2024-07-25Thursday 25th July Russell Crowe's Indoor Garden Party Sold Out
2024-07-27Saturday 27th July Steve Mason Tickets
2024-07-29Monday 29th July Waxahatchee Sold Out
2024-07-29 Love With Johnny Echols Tickets
2024-08-02Friday 2nd August Tom Robinson Band Tickets
2024-08-07Wednesday 7th August The Vintage Caravan Tickets
2024-08-11Sunday 11th August Newen Afrobeat Tickets
2024-08-11 Silver Moth Tickets
2024-08-14Wednesday 14th August Hotline Tnt Tickets
2024-08-16Friday 16th August The Bon Jovi Experience Tickets
2024-08-17Saturday 17th August Focus Tickets
2024-08-17 A Foreigners Journey Tickets
2024-08-18Sunday 18th August Vincen García Tickets
2024-08-21Wednesday 21st August Paul Di'anno Tickets
2024-08-22Thursday 22nd August Poison Ruïn Tickets
2024-08-25Sunday 25th August Handfest 2024 Tickets
2024-08-26Monday 26th August Personal Trainer X Bull Tickets
2024-08-26 Bull Tickets
2024-08-27Tuesday 27th August Jess Williamson Tickets
2024-08-28Wednesday 28th August Sleater-kinney Sold Out
2024-08-28 Phosphorescent Tickets
2024-08-29Thursday 29th August Palehound Tickets
2024-08-30Friday 30th August 14 Iced Bears Tickets
2024-08-30 Peatbog Faeries Tickets
2024-09-02Monday 2nd September Jake Xerxes Fussell Tickets
2024-09-03Tuesday 3rd September Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble Tickets
2024-09-03 Rvg Tickets
2024-09-04Wednesday 4th September Melt-banana Tickets
2024-09-04 Mdou Moctar Tickets
2024-09-05Thursday 5th September Wombo Tickets
2024-09-06Friday 6th September Mary Lattimore Tickets
2024-09-07Saturday 7th September T. Rextasy Tickets
2024-09-10Tuesday 10th September Searows Tickets
2024-09-11Wednesday 11th September The Lemon Twigs Tickets
2024-09-12Thursday 12th September Marnie Glum Tickets
2024-09-12 Sunflower Thieves Tickets
2024-09-13Friday 13th September Goldie Lookin' Chain Tickets
2024-09-14Saturday 14th September Right Down The Line: The Gerry Rafferty Songbook Tickets
2024-09-14 Swell Maps C21 Tickets
2024-09-14 The Gerry Rafferty Songbook - Right Down The Line Tickets
2024-09-14 Right Down The Line Tickets
2024-09-15Sunday 15th September Tom Mcrae Tickets
2024-09-18Wednesday 18th September Pedro The Lion Tickets
2024-09-19Thursday 19th September The Smyths Tickets
2024-09-20Friday 20th September The Smyths Tickets
2024-09-20 Bootleg Blondie Tickets
2024-09-21Saturday 21st September Another Sky Tickets
2024-09-21 The Smyths Tickets
2024-09-22Sunday 22nd September The Bygones Tickets
2024-09-24Tuesday 24th September Sam Evian Tickets
2024-09-25Wednesday 25th September Nick Lowe & Los Straitjackets Tickets
2024-09-26Thursday 26th September Crack Cloud Tickets
2024-09-27Friday 27th September Good Kid Tickets
2024-09-27 Bored At My Grandmas House Tickets
2024-09-27 Orlando Weeks Tickets
2024-09-27 Tropical Fuck Storm Tickets
2024-09-28Saturday 28th September Nave Studios 10th Anniversary All-dayer Tickets
2024-09-28 Nave Studios Tickets
2024-09-30Monday 30th September Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Tickets
2024-10-02Wednesday 2nd October Mary Spender Tickets
2024-10-03Thursday 3rd October Wishbone Ash Tickets
2024-10-03 Ist Ist Tickets
2024-10-04Friday 4th October Rhoda Dakar Sings 45 Years Of The Bodysnatchers Tickets
2024-10-04 Rhoda Dakar Tickets
2024-10-04 The Luke Combs Experience Tickets
2024-10-04 Luke Combs Tickets
2024-10-05Saturday 5th October Crows Tickets
2024-10-05 Plantfood Tickets
2024-10-06Sunday 6th October Anna Erhard Tickets
2024-10-08Tuesday 8th October Tom Vek Tickets
2024-10-09Wednesday 9th October Jim Jones All Stars Tickets
2024-10-10Thursday 10th October Creed Bratton Tickets
2024-10-10 Euros Childs Tickets
2024-10-11Friday 11th October Ferocious Dog Tickets
2024-10-11 Nahko - Dark As Night 10th Anniversary Acoustic Evening Tickets
2024-10-11 Nahko - Acoustic Evening, 10 Yrs Of Dark As Night Tickets
2024-10-11 Nahko Tickets
2024-10-12Saturday 12th October Porkpie Live Plus Pretty Green (the Jam) Tickets
2024-10-12 Porkpie Tickets
2024-10-12 Adult Dvd Tickets
2024-10-13Sunday 13th October Neil Hamburger Tickets
2024-10-14Monday 14th October Seth Lakeman - Kitty Jay 20th Anniversary Tour Tickets
2024-10-14 Seth Lakeman Tickets
2024-10-14 Nobody's Empire: Stuart Murdoch Tickets
2024-10-16Wednesday 16th October Bodega Tickets
2024-10-16 Stoned Jesus Tickets
2024-10-17Thursday 17th October Ishmael Ensemble Tickets
2024-10-18Friday 18th October Jah Wobble Tickets
2024-10-18 Jah Wobble: Performs Metal Box Tickets
2024-10-18 Uk Subs Tickets
2024-10-19Saturday 19th October Bywater Call Tickets
2024-10-19 King King Tickets
2024-10-19 Arielle Tickets
2024-10-21Monday 21st October Evan Dando Tickets
2024-10-22Tuesday 22nd October Adult Jazz Tickets
2024-10-22 Muertito Tickets
2024-10-23Wednesday 23rd October Tom Rasmussen Tickets
2024-10-23 Boa Sold Out
2024-10-23 Bôa Tickets
2024-10-24Thursday 24th October Liana Flores Tickets
2024-10-24 The Covasettes Tickets
2024-10-24 Oisin Leech Tickets
2024-10-25Friday 25th October The Total Stone Roses & Oaysis Tickets
2024-10-25 The Rezillos Tickets
2024-10-26Saturday 26th October The Lancashire Hotpots Tickets
2024-10-26 Delta Bombers Tickets
2024-10-27Sunday 27th October The Antlers Tickets
2024-10-27 Everyone Says Hi Tickets
2024-10-27 The Antlers & Okkervil River Tickets
2024-10-28Monday 28th October Horse Jumper Of Love Tickets
2024-10-29Tuesday 29th October The Felice Brothers Tickets
2024-10-30Wednesday 30th October Altered Images Tickets
2024-10-31Thursday 31st October The Dream Machine Tickets
2024-11-01Friday 1st November The Bluetones Tickets
2024-11-01 Koe Wetzel Tickets
2024-11-02Saturday 2nd November Submotion Orchestra Tickets
2024-11-02 Cloudbusting Tickets
2024-11-02 Cloudbusting - The Music Of Kate Bush Tickets
2024-11-03Sunday 3rd November The Strumbellas Tickets
2024-11-03 Wand Tickets
2024-11-04Monday 4th November Alan Sparhawk (of Low) Tickets
2024-11-04 Dom Martin Tickets
2024-11-04 Ishmael Ensemble Tickets
2024-11-06Wednesday 6th November Lo Moon Tickets
2024-11-07Thursday 7th November Mercury Rev Tickets
2024-11-07 Gurriers Tickets
2024-11-08Friday 8th November London Calling Play The Clash Tickets
2024-11-08 Beak> Tickets
2024-11-09Saturday 9th November Dreadzone Tickets
2024-11-09 London Calling Play The Clash Tickets
2024-11-10Sunday 10th November Fat Dog Tickets
2024-11-12Tuesday 12th November Feet Tickets
2024-11-13Wednesday 13th November Bradley Simpson Tickets
2024-11-14Thursday 14th November Amble Tickets
2024-11-14 Lack Of Afro Tickets
2024-11-15Friday 15th November Darts Tickets
2024-11-17Sunday 17th November Liz Lawrence Tickets
2024-11-18Monday 18th November Lissie Tickets
2024-11-18 Siobhan Miller Band Tickets
2024-11-19Tuesday 19th November Tropical Fuck Storm Tickets
2024-11-19 Cola Tickets
2024-11-20Wednesday 20th November Three Trapped Tigers Tickets
2024-11-21Thursday 21st November Cassandra Jenkins Tickets
2024-11-21 Philip Sayce Tickets
2024-11-22Friday 22nd November Julian Lage Tickets
2024-11-22 Cockney Rejects Tickets
2024-11-22 Mj Lenderman And The Wind Tickets
2024-11-23Saturday 23rd November Julian Lage Tickets
2024-11-23 We Are Scientists Tickets
2024-11-24Sunday 24th November King Creosote Tickets
2024-11-24 Fania Records 60th Anniversary Salsa Party Tickets
2024-11-24 Fania Records Tickets
2024-11-25Monday 25th November Simeon Walker Tickets
2024-11-25 Been Stellar Tickets
2024-11-25 Simeon Walker & The Magic Lantern Tickets
2024-11-26Tuesday 26th November Metz Tickets
2024-11-27Wednesday 27th November Maruja Tickets
2024-11-28Thursday 28th November Paris Paloma Tickets
2024-11-28 Tom Vek Tickets
2024-11-28 Battles Tickets
2024-11-29Friday 29th November K.o.g Party Tickets
2024-11-29 Ginger Root Tickets
2024-11-29 K.o.g Tickets
2024-11-30Saturday 30th November New Street Adventure Tickets
2024-12-01Sunday 1st December 86tvs Tickets
2024-12-01 Elles Bailey - Beneath The Neon Glow Tour Tickets
2024-12-01 Elles Bailey Tickets
2024-12-04Wednesday 4th December Sheepdogs Tickets
2024-12-05Thursday 5th December The Crooks Tickets
2024-12-07Saturday 7th December Bad Manners Tickets
2024-12-08Sunday 8th December The Magic Numbers Tickets
2024-12-08 Bad Manners Tickets
2024-12-09Monday 9th December Cumgirl8 Tickets
2024-12-09 The Magic Numbers Tickets
2024-12-10Tuesday 10th December Gun Tickets
2024-12-11Wednesday 11th December Mattiel Tickets
2024-12-14Saturday 14th December Leeds Punk Rock Xmas 11 Tickets
2024-12-15Sunday 15th December Grupo Lokito Tickets
2024-12-19Thursday 19th December Karate Tickets
2024-12-20Friday 20th December Creedence Clearwater Revival Revival Tickets
2024-12-21Saturday 21st December Endorphinmachine Play Prince Tickets
2024-12-27Friday 27th December Slade Uk Tickets
2024-12-28Saturday 28th December The Boss & The Beeston Street Band Tickets
2025-01-09Thursday 9th January The Jesus Lizard Sold Out
2025-01-10Friday 10th January Live/wire Tickets
2025-01-10 Live/wire - The Ac/dc Show Tickets
2025-01-11Saturday 11th January Live/wire Tickets
2025-01-11 Tasha Leaper As Madonna Tickets
2025-01-11 Live/wire - The Ac/dc Show Tickets
2025-01-17Friday 17th January Restless Tickets
2025-01-18Saturday 18th January Straighten Out Tickets
2025-01-18 Nearly Dan (celebrating 4 Decades Of Steely Dan) Tickets
2025-01-18 Nearly Dan Tickets
2025-01-24Friday 24th January Secret Affair Tickets
2025-01-24 Secret Affair 'glory Boys' 45th Anniversary Tickets
2025-01-25Saturday 25th January Just Radiohead Tickets
2025-01-26Sunday 26th January Emily Barker Tickets
2025-01-31Friday 31st January The Specials Ltd 'too Much Too Young' Tickets
2025-02-07Friday 7th February Our Girl Tickets
2025-02-19Wednesday 19th February She Drew The Gun Tickets
2025-02-20Thursday 20th February Chuck Prophet Tickets
2025-02-20 Nashville Nights Tickets
2025-02-22Saturday 22nd February Hinds Tickets
2025-02-22 A Fistful Of Ska 6: Ska Force Tickets
2025-02-23Sunday 23rd February Leeds Blues, Rhythm & Rock Festival 2025 Tickets
2025-02-25Tuesday 25th February Darren Kiely, The Never Been Here Before Tour Tickets
2025-03-08Saturday 8th March Jilted Generation Tickets
2025-03-27Thursday 27th March Panchiko Tickets
2025-03-28Friday 28th March Fleetwood Bac Tickets
2025-04-11Friday 11th April Letz Zep - Zeppelin Resurrection Tickets
2025-04-11 Letz Zep Tickets
2025-04-12Saturday 12th April The Style Councillors Tickets
2025-04-26Saturday 26th April Strangeforms 2025 - Weekend Pass Tickets
2025-04-27Sunday 27th April Strangeforms 2025 Tickets
2026-09-03Thursday 3rd September Rvg Tickets
2029-02-23Friday 23rd February Steve Ignorant Full Band Performing Crass Sold Out

Brudenell Social Club Gig Promoters

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