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The Library

229 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 3AP

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Date Event Title  
2019-01-18Friday 18th January Damp Tickets
2019-01-25Friday 25th January Uncomely Tickets
2019-01-30Wednesday 30th January Natalie Mccool Tickets
2019-01-31Thursday 31st January Purple Thread () Tickets
2019-02-01Friday 1st February Victors Tickets
2019-02-06Wednesday 6th February Llovers Tickets
2019-02-07Thursday 7th February Gaz Brookfield Tickets
2019-02-08Friday 8th February Paradas Tickets
2019-02-09Saturday 9th February This Feeling Tickets
2019-02-14Thursday 14th February Hey Charlie Tickets
2019-02-15Friday 15th February The Astrids Tickets
2019-02-16Saturday 16th February The Reytons Tickets
2019-02-19Tuesday 19th February Spilt Milk Society Tickets
2019-02-21Thursday 21st February Tankus The Henge Tickets
2019-02-22Friday 22nd February Fudge. Tickets
2019-02-26Tuesday 26th February Crosa Rosa Tickets
2019-02-28Thursday 28th February Ist Ist Tickets
2019-03-01Friday 1st March Skull Tickets
2019-03-04Monday 4th March Only The Poets Tickets
2019-03-07Thursday 7th March The Bay Rays Tickets
2019-03-08Friday 8th March Mercutio Tickets
2019-03-09Saturday 9th March This Feeling Tickets
2019-03-14Thursday 14th March The Covasettes Tickets
2019-03-15Friday 15th March The Racketeers Tickets
2019-03-21Thursday 21st March Dantevilles Tickets
2019-03-22Friday 22nd March Andy Taft Tickets
2019-03-23Saturday 23rd March Desperate Journalist Tickets
2019-03-28Thursday 28th March Only Sun Tickets
2019-04-09Tuesday 9th April Go Dark Tickets
2019-04-13Saturday 13th April This Feeling Tickets
2019-05-08Wednesday 8th May William The Conqueror Tickets
2019-12-15Sunday 15th December The Strawberries Tickets

The Library Gig Promoters

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